Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday February 20, 2011/ I Saw Sunday/A Small Stone/Sunday Scribblings

A Small Stone

Evening sunset
Storm clouds move in
The earlier clouds
Brilliant above the mountain
Thirst quenching rain

Sunday Scribblings Prompt #255 Food

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Image from the internet.

A blessing and a curse
As a people we love food
You can see it
We eat, too much

We worry....
Food may not
Be wholesome
How is one to feed
His family

Food is becoming
Very expensive
Takes a larger
Bite out of the

We have forgotten
How to grow
Our own food
How is one to feed
His family

Food tastes good
Is no indication
Of the quality
A fast food joint
On every corner

I saw on TV
Americans have a
High tolerance
For sugar and salt
Processors are
Changing to less
Sugar and salt

We need food
To feed ourselves
Our brains
But not all food is
Good for you
How is one to
Feed his family


Elizabeth said...

You had to know I'd love that Indigo photo. And I do. Like your descriptive stone and your look at food from an array of angles. We have forgotten how to grow our own and have lost touch with that natural process.


madhumakhi said...

Hey! I love the poem about clouds. The earth is indeed thirsty for rain.
It is also true that we see food more as a means than as an end. Food is becoming too sugary and synthetic. I like the second poem too.

signed...bkm said...

Love Annell how you leave the poem with a question at the end with many different directions that can be taken....very nice...bkm

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I so love the beautiful photo and your descriptive poem about the weather. And the questions you raise in the poem about food - timely topic. Good ones, Annell! Makes us think!

the wanderer said...

so many thoughts about food--the blessing and the curse. maybe everything's a blessing--and our thoughts curse things.
so great to meet you from our friend laura X!

SandyCarlson said...

You have me thinking about how connected I am or am not to the food I eat. I am not a big eater, but I have been learning to prepare food with love rather than a sense of duty. We find we need less but enjoy more.

Judy Roney said...

I love the photo and the poem about evening sunset and the rain moving in. There's a feeling of peace in the reading..the storm moving in and you safe at home as evening comes. The Food is a big riddle for me in my own life. We have to eat to live and the trick is to eat right and not too much. sigh So simple but not easy.

Stafford Ray said...

Breakfast at home.
juice (bulk) 40c
2 eggs 50c
2 rashers bacon 60c
2 rounds bread 25c
2 slices tomato 20c
coffee, milk (sugar) 40c
butter, sauce, salt, pepper, 10c
electricity, soap, paper napkin 10c

total $2.55
Time to prepare and clear up, 20 minutes.
No landfill.

At restaurant.
bacon and egg breakfast $8
coffee $3.50

total $11.50
time to dress appropriately?
waiting time 5 minutes
time to travel to and from?
did you drive?

do that 7 times per week.
eat in $17.85

eat out $80.50
Polystyrene box, paper place mat, plastic cuttlery, salt, pepper, sugar wrappers, cans and drink containers. Landfill problem.

now think about what is bought during the day (including water!) and then dinner out!

Cooking is fun, healthy and cheaper!
Delivers control, better environmental outcomes plus healthier food and budget!

I know, I know! I am old fashioned. But I am also not broke.