Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday February 27, 2011 I Saw Sunday/Poets United

I saw Sunday Week #22
Yesterday, the sunrise was incredible
Today, though lovely, it seemed ordinary
Does it always seem this way


In response to Sherry Blue Sky's piece today about the "middle."

That Space In-between
Is it possible to describe
That place in-between
Often thought to be in the middle
One might feel squeezed
Like the closing of elevator doors
Swoosh... the breath is
Pressed from your lungs

Or is it more like a valley
Between two mountains
Spread out
Wide open
You can see forever
Or until the mountains
On either side
Bar you go further

Could it be like an island
Surrounded by water
Big enough
Plenty of room
But wet, watery boundaries

I was born the middle child
Mind of my own
Plenty of space
Lots of room to grow
But there were boundaries

I can tell no more
Something in between
Something unseen
Could hide in plain view
Standing in front of you