Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday February 27, 2011 I Saw Sunday/Poets United

I saw Sunday Week #22
Yesterday, the sunrise was incredible
Today, though lovely, it seemed ordinary
Does it always seem this way


In response to Sherry Blue Sky's piece today about the "middle."

That Space In-between
Is it possible to describe
That place in-between
Often thought to be in the middle
One might feel squeezed
Like the closing of elevator doors
Swoosh... the breath is
Pressed from your lungs

Or is it more like a valley
Between two mountains
Spread out
Wide open
You can see forever
Or until the mountains
On either side
Bar you go further

Could it be like an island
Surrounded by water
Big enough
Plenty of room
But wet, watery boundaries

I was born the middle child
Mind of my own
Plenty of space
Lots of room to grow
But there were boundaries

I can tell no more
Something in between
Something unseen
Could hide in plain view
Standing in front of you


I Saw Sunday said...

Hi Annell, thanks so much for linking to 'I Saw Sunday' but you haven't left your link at the site so that people can find you? I would hate people to miss your posts. Let me know if you are having trouble linking in. :-)

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh I love both of these, Annell. Your "ordinary" photo shows a blue peaceful beautiful vista, low hills off in the distance. Love your poem about the middle.........and of being the middle child. I especially love "something unseen could hide in plain sight standing in front of you." Beautifully said.

SandyCarlson said...

Sunrises are like that. I think I often mar mine with my expectations.

In the middle....a wonderful poem. A tight or expansive place by turns, as you say.

Elizabeth said...

I love that indigo blue sky, and only wish the sunrise here would differ a bit from low lying gray clouds. I was also a middle child, and think there is more freedom in that in between space.


Kim Nelson said...

Your first poem saddened me. I don't want to fail to see the wonder in the every day.

Marilyn said...

Two lovely poems.

No sunrise is ordinary but many are
extraordinary I think; I love them all.

The middle space - your words say so much
" a valley
Between two mountains
Spread out
Wide open
You can see forever."

Thank you for your explanation about the children lost forever by the high tide. So very sad, heartbreaking. As you say 'here one minute, gone the next'. Just as it happened in Christchurch. Very real heartbreak there too.
Thank you so much for the poem.

Eileen T O'Neill ..... said...


The middle is an interesting place!
Excellent words....

Best wishes, Eileen

Rhymetime(aka Pat) said...

Yes the sun can be a tricky fellow, he can come up all mellow.
He might not even come up yellow, oh I must stop and bellow.
But each sun rise is usually nice, you never seem to see the same one twice.
Although anything beats crappy snow, that is just a new low.
A nice read it was, off I buzz.

Jingle Poetry said...

well said...

Jingle Poetry said...

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Susannah said...

I like them both very much Annell, the middle is an interesting place. :-)

I have entered your link into the I Saw Sunday linky for you. (the linky changes each week and I suspect you may be entering yours into an old one?)

Old Ollie said...

Inspired piece.

layers said...

I am so amazed that you can take a word or an image and write such wonderful poetry- you are blessed.