Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 One Stop Poetry/A Small Stone/Three Word Wednesday/Carry On Tuesday/ Big Tent Poetry/Poets Asides

Three Word Wednesday Prompt: Blink, Kind, Occasion

New Mexico my chosen home
Villages so small
You miss them
One of a KIND
They celebrate special OCCASIONS

A Small Stone
I see where the pavement
Meets the dirt road
The deep blue mountain
Meets the gray blue sky
And I meet myself
In a place in between

A Wish Tree/image from the internet.

Carry on Tuesday Prompt: One Wish by Cortney Kuchta, The first line: If I could have just one wish.

I always stay away
From wishes
After all,
When we make wishes
...Even just one
We tell the universe
We want it our way
As if we know best

A wish is just a tiny thing
A twinge in the heart
As if to say
I'll be happy if you
Just do it my way

When truth be told
It will all work out
...As it should
...For the best
Who can say

I like the mystery of it all
I give up my sense of control
Let's just see how things turn out
Keep wishes in wells
And in pickets full
Send best wishes for all
Keep this day a wish fulfilled

One Stop Poetry

Big Tent Poetry Prompt What's in a name Game

New Mexico and It's Names
Names of places
Names of towns
Names can be very intriguing
Names unheard
Names unknown
One begins to wonder
What does that mean
Where did it come from

New Mexico is filled with
Names unfamilar
La Balada, La Careda
La Ceja, La Chuachia
Toadlena, Bisti-De-Na-Zin
Chaco, Placitas, Tierra Amerillo

Names that fill the mouth
Names that roll off your tongue
And seem to hang
In the air before you
Like the sound of
Church bells heard in
The distance
Names to stumble over
Portales, Terra Amerilla

If you have been to this land
You know of its beauty
You see all it's colors
Burnt Sienna, Cerelean blue,
Dusty greens, purples, rose
Blood reds, and yellows
Mora, Onova, San Jose
Small sleepy villages,
Minding the old ways

Dulce, Chama, Los Pinos
Letting the world go by
The center of all things
Taos,San Francisco,Carrizozo
Albuquerque, Bernatillo
Homes made of mud
Dogs sleeping in the sun
Pueblo dogs with names
Of their own aren't seen at
Westerminster Dog Show

Tularosa, Gila, Aragon
Many of the names
Come from Spanish
Or Native words
Ancient, old
Animas, Pinos Altos,
Las Palomas, Cuchillo
Laguna, San Fidel

A place of beauty
And it's names
Names said low
In the canyons
Bounce back to the heart
Whispered in the wind
Drawn in the sand
Baked by the sun
Spoken magic


Sherry Blue Sky said...

This is soooooo beautiful - the romantic, mysterious ancient, poetic names, the images of the beaut6y of desert and pueblo. I so love "small sleepy villages minding the old ways." And the sound of church bells - that is what I think of when I picture it. I LOVE the last stanza - the canyons, the wind and "spoken magic". WONDERFUL, rich poem, Annell!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I came in to read your 3WW poem but for the life of me, I don't see it. I do, however, love your words, your cadence, your rhythm and your passion for all things New Mexico related.

My 3WW poem.

Fear Not the Darkness but What lies Within said...

sheilagh lee said:What a simply beautiful place.Love your descriptions.I also love your wishes poem

Old Altonian said...

That's what you call 'not doing it by halves'.
Stunning - all of it.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love your poem about villages. My happiest years were spent in a village - so friendly, everyone knows everyone else. It was so wonderful! Enjoy yours, it is a heartwarming way to live. I enjoyed your take on wishes too:)

jaerose said...

Whata lovely tribute to your 'chosen' home..all three pieces created magic and wonder - I suspect because you have shown them through your eyes..wish I could pop over for a tour..Jae ;)

Elaine said...

You paint with palatte of beautiful words.

barbara said...

I saw your NewMexico names poem on PA. Some really nice sounds.

flaubert said...

Annell, how I can relate to this.
I recognize so many of those names.
"Names that fill the mouth
Names that roll off your tongue"
for that is speaking every day here
in Mexico. Spanish has a beautiful sound.


LKHarris-Kolp said...

I love the last stanza in name games... and the Wishes poem is my favorite. So true!


Jeanne Aguilar said...

Your love of this place comes through in this poem, I think the last verse is especially wonderful!

Tumblewords: said...

Indeed! I love NM names and your wonderfully written poems!

Elizabeth said...

Love all the names and especially the last verse of this poem. You love and know this place and it comes out strongly here. Hat's off!