Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday February 2, 2011 Poetic Assides/ A Small Stone/Three Word Wednesday

A Small Stone #2

Far away
People protest
High cost of food
It has risen 70%

Well done
Wall Street

Three Word Wednesday Prompt: Abrasive, Handful, Loss

Wonders of Nature
Gather by handfuls
Sand, seashells,
Mountains, rivers
Deer, beaver
Eagles, hawks
All of the wonders of Nature

It is us who are abrasive
Our way of "life"
(Perhaps I mean death)
The wonders of Nature
Will be our loss

Image from internet.,guid,FEEE04CA-5C62-40B0-AF7E-3DD23F8319EF.aspx#3e419a28-e1a1-4f62-8724-8f8c1a2eeedc

Poetic Assides #121 A belief poem.

To Think or To Believe
Belief is passive
End of conversation
Closed mind

Think is active
Invites conversation
Open mind

I believe in thinking


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Isnt that the truth? My income hasnt changed for twenty years while everything goes up and up and up, and gets smaller and smaller in the packages till it is laughable. We all need to start eating whole foods grown locally, and shake the multinationals' death grips on the economy.Argh. Good stone!

Nanka said...

Very good sentiments and something which each one must realize!! Preserving our nature today for tomorrows children to enjoy!!

lightverse said...

You penned some excellent poems today. Many good things to think about.

Kim Nelson said...

You certainly captured our costly way of life.

Fear Not the Darkness but What lies Within said...

great sentiments!

Elizabeth said...

All three pieces speak of a concern for the world we inhabit. It's present race toward a place no one really wants to be. Thank you for raising your voice times three.


jaerose said...

I believe in thinking too..although sometimes it's good to dream rather than think..wishing you peaceful revolutions..Jae

scentofmyheart said...

Thoughtful and creative, more people should write like you ...

scentofmyheart said...

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Stafford Ray said...

I really think you are a thinker Annell!
What's wrong with you? :-)