Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday June 6, 2011 Magpie

Magpie #68

The eye of the viewer
The eye of the critic
The one I hope will see me
I stand in the crowd
I step back into the shadows
All the while hoping you will see
And hoping you won't
Can I bear your stinging tongue
The judgement of your eye

I stand before you
Exposed for all to see
No holds barred
I beckon to you
It is my idea
I wish to share
Written in long hand
Formed in paint

At last you stand before me
My breath catches in my throat
You turn away
Nothing to see
Move along

I am left hanging on the wall
I have given you my best
You looked you saw nothing
I had feared your criticism
Even worst I have been ignored
Judged unworthy


  1. Being ignored IS the worst. But I am sure you would never be ignored, thought unworthy.

  2. Wow, Annell, a sad feeling: "I have given you my best-you saw nothing." Someone must be BLIND, then!!!!! The rocks that form that eyeball are spectacular! I love the deep blue...........

  3. A fittingly gross eye for a creepy poem.

  4. Very moving, Annelle. I am familiar with that feeling, too.

  5. The harshness of the critic's eye is captured perfectly here, Annell.

  6. Great take on this eye...the eye of the critic always sends fear through the heart and express the feeling that can tear a soul apart and keep it from expressing its true self....sorry I have not been by...but I am getting back into my routine a bit...thank you for all your visits....blessings..bkm

  7. I feel the pain, I hear the pain ...

  8. This is a really good write. Kudos.

  9. I wonder why we vest critics with so much authority. Harsh business. Imagine if being a critic meant finding what is good and beautiful and leaving the rest....

  10. don't let the critics eye discourage you- nice write!

  11. Very sensitive poem. There is great hurt in being ignored, you have captured it well here.

  12. True- being ignored is the pits!

  13. ugh this is hard, but it is his ignorance...and his loss...

  14. So well shown. Being judged is hardly a delightful experience, to be sure.

  15. The Artist's cry spoken by her creation. It takes courage to just be.


  16. Incredible such distress. I know these feelings so well