Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday June 6, 2011 Magpie

Magpie #68

The eye of the viewer
The eye of the critic
The one I hope will see me
I stand in the crowd
I step back into the shadows
All the while hoping you will see
And hoping you won't
Can I bear your stinging tongue
The judgement of your eye

I stand before you
Exposed for all to see
No holds barred
I beckon to you
It is my idea
I wish to share
Written in long hand
Formed in paint

At last you stand before me
My breath catches in my throat
You turn away
Nothing to see
Move along

I am left hanging on the wall
I have given you my best
You looked you saw nothing
I had feared your criticism
Even worst I have been ignored
Judged unworthy