Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday June 5, 2011 Beyond the Bezone

Beyond the Bezone Wordle

Searching for the unknown
I lean over the edge of the abyss
Stare into the inky darkness
A voice asks
What is it you seek

Ideas spin

Simple not gaudy
Common becomes unique
To see for the first time
To dig deep
To fill burrows with ideas
How little can I say
And you will understand me
Find a way that is different
One I have not traveled
Yet still my own

I take each step unafraid
Where yellow breaks through
I will look for purple
Seek the magic glow
Try to get it "right"
Someone whispers
The heart murmurs
The scale undulates

What I seek cannot be measured
It isn't in a book
I teeter on the edge
Look for balance
Exactly where I should be
I get it right or
I plunge to my death
I play for keeps
Upon the pure white plane


Mary said...

This is a wonderful journey poem, Annell. I think one always questions what it is that we seek, and the answer is different at different times. But we do have to take each step unafraid. I must admit the ending (death) was a little disconcerting, but then again death always is.

Elizabeth said...

Wow! Annell. This captures the entire creative process. And yes, when the idea doesn't make it to completion, there is a small death that occurs. But, you honor it well. Brava! You used the wordle words in excellent fashion,


Blue Sky Dreaming said...

The creative journey...ahhh "upon the pure white plane"...lovely words!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

So beautiful, Annell. Well done!

Peggy said...

So much in this Annell. Excellent poem from the Wordle--the creative process is always ongoing I think--we never will know the destination, I hope.

flaubert said...

Annell, beautiful poem filled with lovely images.


Brian Miller said...

playing for keeps is the only way to truly live eh?

brenda w said...

Annell, This is so very lovely. Your use of color is exquisite. I love how soft his makes me feel.