Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday June 7, 2011 Carry on Tuesday

Carry on Tuesday # 108 The first sentence from William Least Heat-Moon's novel Blue Highways
"Beware thoughts that come in the night"

sometimes i like to play
to mix words up
but this statement is
a warning no matter
the order of the words

night thoughts beware
of their coming
the meaning stays
more or less the same

thought of coming in the night beware
still a warning
and one i would not give
for often it is in that luscious
time just before waking
insights and solutions
come as if on angel wings

it seems as long as
the word "beware" remains
it is a warning no doubt
perhaps it is about the
"little worries" which
bar the way of sleep
and i know them well
they seem to ring a bell
strike a cord
there it is
and in the morning light
all that was worried about
disappears like a puff of smoke

while the sun shines
i declare
i will never
do that again
knowing all the while
night thoughts
will come again
good and bad


Sherry Blue Sky said...

"Insights and solutions come as if on angel wings" - lovely, and so true. Sometimes, on waking, poems come that way too.

Elizabeth said...

Have read this book and what I remember most about it is all the underlining I did. The man does wonderful things with words. And you have done a wonderful poem that explores meanings. I too believe that much comes in the night, both warnings and solutions. Good one, Annell,


Brian Miller said...

if i did not think at night, i might not otherwise...a delicious write annell, no beware needed...smiles.

SandyCarlson said...

Ah, the promises we make under the sun....

SandyCarlson said...
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Mary said...

I like the way you mixed the words up, played with them, found new meaning. Yes, night thoughts often cause worry, worry, worry...and in the morning often disappear. (Or perhaps they just submerge again to appear another night?)

flaubert said...

Nicely done, Annell.