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This morning I got this email from Kathleen:

My Mom passed away peaceful today at 2:00.

She read her mail one last time, ate a good lunch,
had a homemade cookie and went to sleep...
As always, she did it her way......

I spoke with her last nite, She knew I was
to leave next week to see her. She thought
that was great.
Her last words to me were, I miss you, I love you,
and they were my words too.

I will leave on thur. and probably be gone
for about a week.


The guests are gone
The house is quiet
It shivers
Footsteps echo
The shadow behind each chair
Whispers unintelligent pleadings
Breathable air seeps out

The body coils into a ball
Hard and unyielding
Unable to extend to it's full length
Soft kitties offer themselves
The mind screams
You are gone
In the first day of loneliness
Your going away day

You were incomparable
You were one among many
You were my own
Your breath was mine
Your breast was mine
I look into your eyes
I see my own soul
The soul that is mine

Your were my rock
My touchstone
Your chores are all done
Given all that you had
Yet the all of you
Remains in my heart
I call you Mother

*Yesterday my friend Kathleen's Mother, Julia Brennan, 1921-2011, went away. She died. After a long and full life. I never met her, but each time I saw Kathleen at her studio, I saw the pictures of her Mother. She shared her love of her Mother with me, I felt I knew her. She expressed a life well lived. Kathleen talked to her Mother just last night, with" I miss you, I love you," she said goodbye.