Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday August 24, 2011 Still Life Revisited

Still Life Revisited/ Black Pot and Orange Bottle gouache on w/c paper 22"x22"

Each day
A small mountain
Is created of my thoughts
Then I attempt to climb it
The artist has only a general idea
About where she wants to go
It's all about "what if"


  1. and too,
    where might i arrive?

    there is something about that orange bottle, annell. what could it be? the light? ah, but as i wrote even this i was thinking of when i was a child and thirsty, so thirsty, and we were at the local store which was the butcher, baker, post office, clothing store, gossip corner et all there was a coke cooler that we opened upward and a bottle opener on the side. and oh my, due to the high infrequency of the number of pop i had as i child i remember, oh i remember, the sweet burn. perhaps that is that orange.:)


  2. Oh yes, the what if's. You nailed it.


  3. i like your thoughts here on being artistic...painting...writing...i can relate to this..

  4. What a gorgeous metaphor. And what a risk taker is the artist!