Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday October 21, 2011 Still Life


To enter into a still life, is to enter that place of stillness, absent of sound or noise. For the artist, it is to become calm and focused. The still life is about the act of seeing, and in all realism there is abstraction—in abstraction is realism. Though the artist begins with symbols that refer to the material world, what is seen in the final work are shapes rearranged, created with hard edges, and flat color, and careful gradations.

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erin said...

i laugh at myself, annell, for i have always struggled with abstractions, however, the question that comes so honestly to the forefront, what does this mean, comes again with anything now. what does anything mean? that which we imbue in it and that which exists within it no matter our presence or absence. this is always the case, abstractraction or not.

just now your piece suggests to me the parts of an orchestra. but then again i am sitting in the stillness of the morning with the field opposite my house lit against the grass that is frozen white. it is a terminal situation. any moment the sun will rise that quarter click and death will fall to the ice. this, too, is an orchestra.