Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday October 23, 2011Still Life 16

In this series, based on still life, each piece is limited to two colors. Color is thought to bring life to a work of art, as the voice brings life to the written word. In Still Life 16, I have chosen red, the color of blood, the color of life, and the color of fire. The second color is orange. In Newton's Optics (1705), The Latin for orange was aureus. Because each color is an admixture, the colors could never be mixed exactly the same again. The artist could be "close" but not exactly. Each piece is unique in the collection of shapes and colors. Red and orange are analogues colors, close on the color wheel. Red being a primary color, and orange, or red-yellow is a secondary color. The value is mid-tone there really are no darks. It is said a painter should study his work in every degree of light. The period of day between daylight and darkness is called "The painter's hour". At this time of day, reds look darker than by the light of day... sometimes almost black.

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Mary said...

Interesting, Annell. I am reading this piece after having read your poem about orange and red. They are definitely complimentary pieces. I love the picture, by the way. I assume it is one of yours.