Saturday, February 4, 2012

Feburary 4, 2011 Still Life

Still Life #53 24"x24" gouache on oriental paper

In this still life the colors are orange and turquoise blue. The gradation is from bright to dull, or intensity.

I am thinking about art as the visual language and silence or "still life." The desire of the artist is communication, but it is a different communication, one without words or sounds. Ideas are expressed visually and the viewer is allowed to have their own thoughts based on what is before him. Sometimes the viewer forgets the painting is expressing ideas in the form of elements and principles of design. Emotions are expressed through color.


erin said...

i think about writing and language and how language is both too little and too much of itself, at times. and i think that perhaps visual art is closer to the truth. but then i think about colour and form and wonder if this is not always language. are we not always only trying to imitate/communicate the truth that we sense and do not exactly see?

this is all so interesting to think about.

the transitions of colour and light seem authentic/organic.


Stafford Ray said...

Hi my friend, just popped over to see how you are and read your notes on this still life. If I hadn't read the notes I would have thought the graduation was caused by a light source somewhere above the painting. Lovely piece and clever use of intensity of colour.

Rob-bear said...

Message without words, using colour, form, and texture instead. Interesting thought on which to reflect.