Friday, March 23, 2012

Still Life #70 24"x24" gouache on w/c paper

The life of an artist is to be a hermit. In the morning go to the studio. Create the work. Give and take with the galleries that handle the work. Look for opportunities to share the work. I think we have a responsibility to share what we are doing, it might be easier to create the work, and put it under the bed, but on the other hand the work might give others the inspiration to create.

Often our work is not appreciated. Today I got another rejection, which is part of the 'game.'

Art Competition
Turn on computer
Read the email
Like a slap
Or a door slammed
In the face

Don't like it
Don't want it
Not chosen
Not good enough
Doesn't please
And yet...

I have done my part
Over years
Created the work
Entred on time
Paid my fee

My ears sting
Still waiting
For your smile
Take a breath
Sun shines
Wind chimes tinkle
In the breeze

Scrape myself
Off the floor
Begin again

Note: There are many more rejections in an artist's life, that acceptances. Where does the artist get the strength to believe in their work? It comes from deep inside, the eyes see the work, and based on all the years of study, and work, the artist must believe....