Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday April 17, 2012 Still Life #75

Still Life #75 22"x22" gouache on w/c paper

This is my latest still life. I have made a small change in the grid, on which the composition is based, the viewer is no longer able to see the horizontal lines, as much, therefore less aware of the original grid. Still working with Joseph Albers ideas about color.


ayala said...

Great piece !

Ruth said...

I love these still lifes!!

And I don't understand the rejection. But I'm glad to know that you know it's part of the game.

goatman said...

You are a master at negative space -- seems to me.

26,000 thoughts a day you say. Wonder who counted those up and whether or not many were repeats?

I love your art, what is the medium?