Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fragments III #121  26"x26"  gouache on w/c paper 

Fragments III #123  26"x26"  gouache on w/c paper

Twenty years ago, my work was about grids, made of the squares. I was using the square as metaphor for the urban experience.  When I moved to Taos, it seeed the square was just too strong, too much "man over nature."  And at last, I added the diagonal line, and it seemed to work for me.  Now after all this time, I am able to return to the grid made of squares, by working with the colors of New Mexico.  The first grid is based on the two inch square, and the second one is based on the one inch square.  In my mind the second works best, just thought I would share and get your opinion.  In the second one you can see the clear light of the New Mexico sky, the red you see in the red rock country, and the light of the early morning, as the sun rises above Taos Mountain.

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Stafford Ray said...

I agree the one inch square works better. The two inch looks too much like a chess board. :-)
And I am glad you have returned to your signature technique of creating an impression of graduated light.