Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 11, 2013 Poets United/Verse First

United Poets: Prompt; Places that I love:

(Images from the Internet)

A homebody
At heart
I travel each day
In my studio
Go to work
And in my mind’s eye
I might venture
To the Four Corners
Where four states meet
North, south, east and west
New Mexico
Home of the Anasazi
Land of history
Ancient old
Land of beauty
Formed eons ago
Return home
Weary traveler
Like Dorothy
Home is where
I love the best

(My own photos, the sun sets in the west.)


Brian Miller said...

i rather like home the best myself...but thank goodness ofr our minds where we can escape to other places....

Susan said...

You speak my mind!

Laurie Kolp said...

Yes, our imagination will take us anywhere, but there's no place like home.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

You live in such a BEAUTIFUL area, I cant imagine ever wanting to leave. Great write, kiddo. I cant wait till I am back home again!

layers said...

Your images are beautiful and your poem is simply wonderful.. thank you for leaving such supportive comments at my blog posts on my health issues and my artist block.. the comments do help me feel better that I am not alone.

Loredana Donovan said...

Beautiful places you describe, but yes home is the best when we've found it :)

Sumana Roy said...

at home on wings of imagination.........great write up...

Joseph Philip Walters said...

My own place like this brings me equal solace, Annell. Home is where we all belong. A fine write.

Raining Iguanas said...

Love those photos of yours.

Margaret said... Dorothy. :) An important lesson to learn. Photos are gorgeous!

kaykuala said...

Return home
Weary traveler
Like Dorothy
Home is where
I love the best

Such lovely words annell! The ending is the clincher. great write!


Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Ah yes, both have their charms.