Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 14, 2013 Sunday Wordle #126

One day with your finger
You wrote "Master"
On my palette
Quietly you left the
Message for me to read

I was spreading sumptuous
Violet across my paper
The color vibrant
A silent suggestion
A vision clear
A single goal

At the time
You were the Master
I was the student
But quietly suggesting
What I could become

It happened
Many years ago
I still keep that
Treasured gift
Of encouragement
Generously given

I give it to others
Every chance I get
In memory of you

Note:  Teachers can inspire, encourage, build up students, or they can destroy.  A good teacher is a treasure.

Prompt:  vivacious, vibrant, vacuous, manipulative, vision, single,
sumptuous, slather, spread, short, sassy, violet, master


Jae Rose said...

Reading this and seeing you again in your studio I feel the confidence that a sense of mastery brings - although carefully combined with the humility to pass it on..

Wabi Sabi said...

What a wonderful tribute to your master teacher! I had several in my lifetime and feel so blessed!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I'm hugging your poem to my teacher's heart this morning. Thank you!

Night Class in German

Sabra Bowers said...

I love the story your poem tells. I can fill your gratitude and love that you pass it on. Beautiful write.

Sabra Bowers said...

feel, of course, not fill

daphnepurpus said...

Love the story and yes, teachers can be a wonderful blessing!

Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik (PKP) said...

"you wrote master on my palette" Ahhhhhhhh poetry itself ... A lovely poem :)

oldegg said...

How true this is and even now scores of years later do I remember those that encouraged me to find my hidden potential.

Anonymous said...

A masterful tribute by a master who has learned the most important lesson. This is wonderful my friend,


Joseph Philip Walters said...

Paying it forward in the absolute sense. The gift that keeps on being given, Annell! Thank you, for all those who never told you!

flaubert said...

Annell, such truth in your words here. The wrong teacher can destroy a life.