Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February 4, 2015 dVerse/Snuggle -- Poets United Midweek Motif~Cancer/Taker or Giver

wrap my soft furry tail around me
pull it close under my chin
winter's snow rests in the fields
it has become a blanket
keeps us warm
as we move closer in the dark

February 4, 2015


Taker or Giver

to speak of cancer                     the c word                                       taker or giver

life is a line drawn on the pavement                          street art          done by everyone

the line just so long                   shows the character of the artist       everyone an artist

everyone a life                          but just so long                   then what...

how does it end                                                  often it is cancer

taker or giver                giving us a way out                        when the sands have run out

eats away                                 makes a portal                                    opens a door

lets in the sunshine                  makes space                                        taker or giver

you ended my mother's life                   and my son's            perhaps you will come for me   

February 4, 2014


  1. Ah.. cats look so comfortable in their curled Winter tails.. and the tale of human is expressed so comfortably in woolen tails that become blankies..:)

    Annell.. just a note.. your dVERSE Mr. linkie link.. didn't work.. so I Googled your poetry to comment...:)

    If it's not an issue on my end.. you might want to check your typed in link..:)

  2. i wanna curl up as well... so cold over here... i wish for a furry tail now - ha

  3. I see a little fox, burrowing deep..........loved this, my friend.

  4. ha. makes me think about my cat who tucks himself into himself...
    sometimes we must dig in to survive the winter...outside and in...

  5. A portal indeed. The poem I wrote "Winters Accusation" is a door

  6. Oh, that closing line. Very powerful, "makes a portal, opens a door." Makes me think about what lies on the other side. Losing your mother and then your son in such a short time makes you all too well aware of the c word, my friend. I am so sorry. And I admire you so much for the grace with which you walked through it all. Cancer creates heroes, whether we wish to be or not. We are called, and must rise to meet it.

  7. By the way, Annell, your link at PU doesnt bring us here - we have to come in thru your site.

  8. The winter and how we curl up ... yes I want to feel like a cat, or hibernate like a bear..

  9. Thank God for cats! Reading "Cancer / Taker or Giver" Iwas thinking this is amazingly positive--until I got to the end! Then the beginning read like a person in shock, practicing acceptance. Sometimes cats can help us wrap ourselves around loss. Sometimes nothing helps. You express that so well. Thank you. (Writing helps me.)

  10. Sweet, intimate feel to this poem - it took me a while to realise it was about a cat...

  11. Perhaps it is takes good us more experience...i love the first poem..all snuggled up tail over head..that is the best state to be take life as it is in this moment xo

  12. We can accept mortality until it crosses our paths; then we realize how important life is. Somehow we mustn't let that then ruin our lives but live it to the full.

  13. Your scattered feelings of grief and anxiety come across. I was surprised to realize it was about a cat, but perfectly understandable.

  14. Very expressive. The idea of street art makes the poem more alive.