Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Poets United Midweek Motif/The Mother Tongue

The Mother Tongue

i speak to you          with the words               i learned from my mother

about the things i learned from my mother                           she was my teacher

taught me how to tell the truth                        i won't say she taught me to cook

as i must have been a poor student          still can't cook       but kindness she related to me

at caring she was the best              she cared for me                           like no other

a regular mother kitten          she taught me to love         how to scoop up the whole world

to fill my heart with what i could see           to feel the sun on my skin

to know another as myself                to smell spring             it was the mother tongue

she taught me                  i see her in those I meet                               i listen for her song

she spoke in the mother tongue      because of this             i could lick my son with my love

February 25, 2015


  1. This is so very sweet! What a way to think of your mother. I love your line 'how to scoop up the whole world'. It sounds like you learned a lot of goodness :)

  2. We learn so much from our parents often without realizing it. Not sure your son would appreciate being licked today but you never know! (p.s. Your link on Poets United doesn't work so had to Google you)

  3. Yes, we learn so much from your mothers about how to live and poem reflects the same kind of thing. I wish I could hear my 'mother's tongue' again.

  4. Good mothers raise good mothers......I love the scooping up the whole world, too!

  5. Lick like a mother cat! Very cool. And this line is unique: "how to scoop up the whole world." This poem works literally and figuratively.

  6. smiles...lovely reflection on your mom and the role she played in your life and in your development...sounds like she helped form a good heart in you annell...smiles.

  7. love the mother kitten image so full of love....

  8. What a beautiful piece Annell - the last line particularly touching - and who needs to cook! xo

  9. Great image of your family as cats.

  10. "I could lick my son with love." Spectacular line. I like the format you use creating more than one poem at once. So clever. I enjoyed this.