Sunday, March 8, 2015

March 8, 2015 The Sunday Whirl/Spring is Here at Last/ Poets Pantry #242

Spring is Here at Last

the sun is shining bright      the wind barely a breath      still it stings my face

the string of my arms hang loose                  i am a puppet without tension

i knead my brain       look for new images                no need for excuses

old memories materialize      the trip unfolds         begin new life in the west

it has been a hard winter for many       buried beneath the snow

today we are instructed to reset our clocks                   spring is here at last

March 8, 2015


  1. We don't reset clocks until the end of March. Our winter continues to drag.

  2. We can change the clocks but spring is in the soul...I hope it springs for you today and ever more xo

  3. Oh yes, spring definitely is here at last. Indeed time to celebrate the beginning of new life.

  4. You posted a 'broken link' in PU. I fixed it.

    1. Just saw your comment in the comments at PU. Perhaps you could practice by putting your link in email or something first to see if it works, as this seems to happen on a regular basis.

  5. The extra daylight came just in time! Whew! Always such a lift of the heart when it does. Though I know the season will usher in some hard memories for you, this year, my friend.

  6. it is here as well...
    in the 50s and sunny today...ah...i just want to go out
    and sit in it and soak up some vitamin d...ha

  7. I want my hour of sleep back!! :) :) Will have to wait until autumn, then I shall be spoiled. :)

    So wonderful to find your blog via Poet's Pantry.

    I love the idea of you as a puppet to the wind, and your arms strings, magical!!

  8. Oh I am happy to hear your spring has arrived....not here yet....still cold, snow and lots of wind....but soon!

  9. I really look forward to that extra hour of daylight in the evening.. but there are still a few weeks away for us.. :-)

  10. I loved all these thoughts/phrases ~ 'the string of my arms hang loose' and 'i am a puppet without tension' resonate, no excuses any more, call for act, new ideas, spring! hurray! same here, mn...glad to read you again, Annell! New spring inspiration to you! :)x

  11. Spring always means light and lighter. It is time, past it really,


  12. kneading the brain to look for new images....ah, yes.....that is what it's like, isn't it? Well, you've found a lovely one here!!

  13. Funny, kneading the brain occurred to me also (like massaging it also) ... nicely done and am happy with others that you have Spring already; Edmonton is still playing fickle with the season but that's par for the course...

  14. Fun signs of spring accumulate here. It'll be official on 3/21. I hope.