Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Poets United Midweek Motif/ An Ordinary Man

An Ordinary Man

he was an ordinary man      the love of his mother       hard to know

keeper of secrets                  complex                 kind                      just a man

for his mother                          the world is not as bright without him

such a beautiful boy              a peter pan of sorts            a hero in his own way

he had a smile that could light the world                 never complained

ripped a hole when he left        an ordinary man            that could not be replaced

March 11, 2015


  1. Yes, he was your sunshine and I know days will never be as bright. I love that you write of the Peter Pan quality in him. These special beings are so wondrous, and leave such a big hole behind when they leave us. This poem says it all, Annell.

  2. "a Peter Pan of sorts"-- in my memory, people remain as they were when last I saw them most themselves. I think youir poem shows his ordinariness and rises it to the level of wonderful. That smile! that hole where he stood!

  3. The hurt one feels at a persons death illustrates the love and care you had for them. The deeper the hurt; the deeper the love.

  4. Its the "ordinary" ones that leave such a vacancy behind. No love is ordinary really is it?

  5. How it is that those who are ordinary are in indeed extra-ordinary. The love of same offers completeness and how sad when they are gone. (Thinking of you.)

    The kindest of regards.
    Anna :o}

  6. This is very sad, Annell. I can tell how much you miss your son. I do understand that 'he cannot be replaced' and that he was the one who was the light of your world.

  7. "a hero in his own way"...the line is full of calmness and love...yes when they go they leave a hole and all the light is put out....

  8. we are all ordinary to the world at large but I am certain he was special to you and many others ..a touching piece Annell xo

  9. I'm so sorry for your pain, for the hole that can never be filled. I imagine there are pieces of him in your art. I know there are in your poems and they touch others.

  10. as susan said...i remember him the way i last saw him and to add to this this is how i choose to remember everyone that has entered into my world in this mundane existence. this is why i don't go to funerals

    good dedication

  11. How incredibly sad this is in all its truth, Annell. Sorry for the late visit. It has been a long week.