Sunday, May 10, 2015

May 10, 2015 Sunday's Whirligig/ Purple Donkey/ Poets United

Purple Donkey

the words ring hollow       yet donkey jabbers on        while leaning against the tree

scratching his itchy back          he looks southward                  the direction

man and animals disappear       his hoofs buried deep in the soil       he takes a breath

feeling a little feeble      the morning disappeared into the plow      he takes consolation

that so far        there is no task he hasn't been able to complete              he wonders

just how long he will be able to do this                                  as he is now 20 years old

May 9th, 2015


  1. I like the way you personify the donkey, showing intimate knowledge of his character.

  2. "the morning disappeared into the plow"...that's a donkey's life i guess...could feel the burden and the weariness...nicely captured...

  3. A 20 year old donkey should be retired in grassy fields. I feel for him, as so should I be, LOL!!!!!! Am thinking of you today, my friend. The first mother's day after your painful loss.

  4. Some skillful images in this. I love seeing where different poets take the same words.

  5. The loyalty of the donkey is quite a feat. But until when the donkey needs to work?

  6. I like your focus on the donkey - and how you've laid out this poem.

  7. "the morning disappeared into the plow"

    This is an absolutely stunning image, Annell. I am in awe.