Sunday, May 3, 2015

May 3, 2015 Sunday's Whirligig/ The Nurses/ Poets United Poetry Pantry #250

The Nurses

was this a game      we played as children                 playing with our dolls

church bells toll the hour         ring on sundays                   ring for funerals

a simple peal from the tower             it almost speaks your name

 the one whose life is over     (ding) ended      (dong) ceased to be

 (ding) no longer a being on earth      (dong)slipped through the opening

 you were without clothes          slipped on a surgical gown

 the last thing you wore          laid you gently on the bed

 beds in a line           beds in a row        each bed held someone's someone

 like a garden         the time was spring     the beginning of the year

 new sprouts appear        the color new green

each one known by his latin name...

honey        you work tirelessly         washing        turning       comforting

dispensing meds       you are in your element        this is what you trained for

you can't save everyone        you have to let some go         you told me

you rarely see the same one twice                      you are the angel of mercy

each day you are the same                  your life is the same

it is the patients         who are different               but each needs you the same

May 1, 2015


  1. they are truly the angels of mercy most needed in times of despair...

  2. Beautiful. I love how you use the bell repeatedly at the beginning, and then "same" at the end. Just lovely.

  3. Truly they are angels who have upon them such a noble task! :D
    Loved the poem :)

  4. To see the patients leaving in a way like this.. you have to be someone really special to do that..

  5. What a beautiful tribute to nurses especially those that see so much death...they are truly special!

  6. This is a profession I've never envied. What they are called to do is incredible. This is a wonderful tribute.

  7. Absolutely agree with all foregoing - what a fabulous tribute !

  8. people just don't write enough poems about nurses\

    My Brain is a Cheap Gadget That Spins

  9. I love the way you interjected the ringing of the bells into the poem. Adds to the sensory experience of the poem beautifully!

  10. I like the imagery of the bells ... nicely done.

  11. Compassion and empathy :) is what is needed in a medical field , your poem is perfect!

  12. It certainly takes a special caring, person to be a nurse. A well penned tribute.

  13. A beautiful tribute to the nurse who cares when no one is looking.
    You express something I always struggled with - what happened to them? Did they live did they die?

  14. I love seeing where people go with the list of words. Lovely tribute to nursing.

  15. Ah, Annell, each phrase feels so passionate, said on one dedicated this person is, the nurse...even it's the patients who are different, once connected with them the life of caregiver will never be the same again...your poem - a miracle, Annell, I read couple times, and every time like first time, makes me feel so concerned, touched...~ thank you.

  16. I'm going to share this poem with my cousin's girlfriend, who is a nurse. I'm sure she'll appreciate the way you've chosen to elevate the nursing profession. Too many of us take nurses for granted, I think, but when we need them, they're always there.

  17. i believe doctors and nurses are heaven sent

    much love...

  18. I always find your format so interesting to read - it seems to present several angles on your theme. Nursing is definitely a calling!