Thursday, May 7, 2015

May 7, 2015 Writer's Digest/ Craft


it is not necessary for craft to be art      perhaps it is just a manipulation of materials

while art is not craft                                        it should have some craft in it

art is something else           like so many people say                i know it when i see it

i heard someone say                  it is art when it makes the hair stand up on your arms

or perhaps when the image is memorable                      or some would say

when it resonates with something inside the viewer                            for me

when the work comes from the heart                 there is the possibility

it can be seen from the heart                               perhaps it is intention of the creator

to create a very personal visual statement         because the creator is a unique human being

the work should reflect this                                        it should be unique like no other

when i look at an art work                                      i shouldn't feel i have seen this before

it should be a new and fresh experience         remind me i am seeing this for the very first

art like life                                    each day a new experience to be experienced only once

when this day is gone             it will not come again                     no do-overs in art or life

May 7, 2015


Jae Rose said...

the most enduring experiences are the ones which feel unique - which leave an impression...perhaps they do not need a label..only be felt and treasured xo

blogoratti said...

That was an interesting read. Happy mother's day!