Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Poets United Midweek Motif/ Happiness


happiness like peace       is hard to define                    is it the absence of sorrow

no...                            sorrow is a part of life               yet everyone wants happiness

longs for it                         tries to create a life            filled with it

given the choice                      most people like to tell you about their sorrow

paint big canvases                 fill billboards                     allow sorrow the big space

keeps happiness to themselves                  i awake in the morning

the sun is just topping the mountain           i step outside          the air fresh

 fill my lungs with the aroma of sage         my work waits for me

 unfinished where i left it             my life is full                    you are here

 you bring a smile to my face             we have what we need

 happiness and sorrow tee totter                     like children on a see-saw

the combination makes a life             my companions follow me through the day

take turns selecting the color          creating a color-field          happiness and sorrow

sunshine and shadow            held in the balance                             for all to see

May 20, 2015


  1. I love to picture you outside inhaling that sage filled air..of course how can we know happiness if we haven't experienced sorrow...and yet we move as long as the colours and ink moves..and..we have someone or some thing left always to wake up to and for....I hope I hope xo

  2. Sometimes its difficult to pin point happiness but the feeling radiates on a person's face clearly :D sometimes words are not needed to explain our joy which can be seen plainly through one's eyes..!

    Beautiful poem...! Loved it :D

  3. Yes! Sage and work where you left it--a little bit of certainty and company. In the balance. That works for me too.

  4. Yes, happiness and sorrow tee totter indeed. I think we can have both in our lives. You are right about balance. We have to keep them in balance, hopefully though a bit more happiness than sorrow at any given time.

  5. Oh this is so real - happiness and sorrow, mixed.......the satisfactions of the morning air, a dear companion and work awaiting.....encompassing the losses and loves that comprised a life. Beautifully done, my friend. Wonderfully lived.

  6. For every good thing needs be its opposite. But we can appreciate it all and find a degree of fulfillment, contentedness.
    BTW, Annell... you and I used some of the same lines in these creations. Synchronous!

  7. Love the layout of this, as well as the language. X marks the spot for happiness.

  8. The meaning of happiness can never be properly defined without experiencing sorrow. :)

  9. held in the balance - yes, I think that is key

  10. "like children on a see-saw"...exactly and i used a coin image with two faces...and that balance and restrain is life....a heartfelt write Annell....

  11. What a lovely illustration of the full palette of experience, and the full life that results from embracing the whole spectrum :)

  12. Yes, that's how it goes. :) I love your lines about waking up in the morning and experiencing all those happy-making things.

  13. Lovely thoughts Annell and so true. May we all accept the balance of life with wisdom. May we be happy.

  14. Hmm makes me think that the painting needs sunshine and shadow to give perspective.
    Nicely painted

  15. Written like a wise sage, and i love the matter of fact mood

    Much love....

  16. Well written, a very honest message.

  17. Love the see-saw metaphor. Very apt.