Tuesday, June 2, 2015

dVerse/ A Nightmare

A Nightmare

i long to share with you something         i live with everyday       search for the words

to talk about the emptiness              the big 'O'           the rattle of the razor blades

shus-shus                           the feel of the cold                     c-o-l-d-burr-c-o-l-d

the darkness                 were there are no words the         pain contained     oh-weeeeee

yet i look to the horizon           do i expect your return         do I expect to see you there

still the words elude me              hide in secret places                     behind every heart beat  

thump-thump/               thump-thump/                    thump-thump

between the notes that float in thin air                         (hummed not spoken)

in just five days you will die...       the darkness descends       it is the day you died last year

it seems like only yesterday           memories sharp & clear            burned into my brain

into my heart                  i never dreamed                          (for it would be a nightmare)

i would live to see the day       you would go for good      always I kept the light on for you

so you could find your way home           i do not wish to focus on beginnings & endings

always on the spaces in between              this is where i find you               ...waiting for me

my tears water the dry ground       it isn't true i scream       but it is the truest thing i know

June 1, 2015


blogoratti said...

A silent and painful cry for love revisited, and seeking closure. Very well written!

bwfiction said...

Very Nice - I like the pattern as well as the content. The loss of love, or one we love shakes the ground we walk upon.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I am touched by "always I kept the light on for you, so you could find your way home." I can see the tears watering dry desert ground.....and I feel the impact of "it is the truest thing I know." It is hard to believe it has been a year. The anniversaries are always so hard - especially this first one, I am sure. I am so sorry, my friend.

Kate Mia said...

Ah.. the tears of the truest scream.. i know.. is a dry tear of horror
i know all too well.. when all is left of life is
scream.. i hope that tears of
joy do come your way..:)
for what is left
in loving life..:)