Wednesday, June 3, 2015

dVerse/ Shamedfaced


somewhere                      in my house                                   behind the furniture

or in the hearth                under the firewood                         somewhere is a shy guest

he is singing his song           for all to hear                                       i cover my ears

still it is the same song         i can not understand the words         nor do i know

who he sings to            i wish he would sing elsewhere          his song is pleasant enough

but it is the repetition            i no longer wish to hear                    if you find him

he is black and shamefaced                                     tiny cricket

June 3, 2014   


Grace said...

Those crickets can be noisy, singing the same song ~

Thanks for joining in Annell ~ Have a good week ~

Wolfsrosebud said...

I was half-way through before I guess your visitor... loved the bit of drama in this... thanks for sharing

Brian Miller said...
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X said...

Ha. A cricket got into our basement the other summer, we were sleeping down there that summer because it was so much cooler. I remember hunting the little singer at abour 2 in the morning, because he was driving me crazy.

blogoratti said...

Ah poor old crickets, just being themselves I guess. But then when its bed time, yes that can be a problem!
Nice piece!

Anthony Desmond said...

Thankfully I've yet to have any of those kind of visitors... smiles

Sonia Verardo said...

Your blog is fab!
Would you like us to follow eachother on GFC and keep in touch?
I'd like us to support eachother :-)
xo from Italy,
Sonia Verardo

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Ah, cute little cricket singing his heart out....hopefully he can be found and assisted out into his lost meadow, to your mutual relief. LOL. Set Ward on him!!!!!

brudberg said...

I wonder if the song of the cricket is really that wonderful or if it keeps you up at night,

Linda Kruschke said...

Those crickets can be quite noisy, 'tis true, but they probably think the same of you. ;) Peace, Linda

bwfiction said...

and loud too :)

Victoria said...

Smiles. I do love crickets and it's a good thing because we have them in abundance--both here and in the desert.

annell said...

Yes, they can! They are best outside.

annell said...

Since they are shy, they are hard to find....and they never seem to tire of singing their song.

C.J. said...

I love this.

"behind the furniture

or in the hearth under the firewood somewhere is a shy guest"

I really enjoy your style.