Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunday's Whirligig/ There Was A Boy...

There Was A Boy...

touch much       my heart & soul       salt fault            into the wound

ache shake            my heart in hand       pain stain        marks the day

breaks the heart in two       things spring             into darkened space

strength length               slowly stronger                       eyes wide open

tears run down my cheeks                  embrace your love 

hug your memory to my chest                           remember you

there was a boy...               I loved him so                    body & soul

he died on this day             a year ago                               june 6, 2014

June 6, 2015


X said...

I knew this anniversary would be hard for you. I know too the ache that you feel, only in that I have lost loved ones. Never a child, but a parent. Yours I imagine all the more.

Hugs, my friend.

Jae Rose said...

And a very special boy he was - and so lucky to have had you...with much love and admiration for your beautiful remembrance xo

brudberg said...

A very sad anniversary.. and the words like salt so apt for the day... my thoughts are with you.

soulsmusic said...

Oh, my friend, such a difficult day for you. I am reading a book (between packing boxes) and the author says that yearning for what has been lost is the most difficult aspect of being human. I agree. You are in my thoughts,


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh I am so sorry, my friend..........such a heartbreaking thing. I love how you hold the memory of him to your chest..."there was a boy...I loved him so...." I agree with Elizabeth - the very hardest thing is yearning for what has been lost - the sight, touch and feel of them........if only for a few more minutes, right?

Old Egg said...

How important it is to keep loved ones with you when they have gone. What a beautiful poem to celebrate that love.