Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Writer's Digest/Life at a Premium --Poets United/My Father

Life at a Premium

life at a premium        children with guns              would be in the grade school

country at war      fertile ground watered with the blood of its' people     young and old

the whirligig spins in the wind        made by hand                  in simpler days

the morning quiet            everything still as if underwater               or drowned in resin

i hear your lyrical voice                      you say you sheltered eight against the storm

your life full                                children, grandchildren and great grandchildren

make a cup of tea                  make a pot                               make it two

the storm passed without harm        the morning after            bright

first of summer           the second without you                             life goes on

candidates announce             a long hot election season                       expected

June 17, 2014


My Father
my father has been gone for many years now                             i miss him still

there was not another like him            i was lucky              he embodied loving kindness

whatever i wanted he tried to provide          he played ball with the kids on the block

one time while in southtexas                             he helped me to secure a large hark's nest

i wanted to draw          i don't think he ever told me no              i loved him so

i wish he was here today      it is hard to fill the empty spaces       created by love's passing

June 17, 2015


X said...

I am really not looking forward to the circus of campaign season, and it is already beginning for sure. Trumps announcement yesterday was humorous at least - in a sad way. I may need some tea as well. Children with guns. An all too sad reality.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

"It is hard to fill the empty spaces created by love's passing." What a fantastic line, Annell. Lovely to have had a father like him. Loved your first poem too, life going on, regardless, the election looming......

debispoems said...

I don't remember my Dad but when I was 16 my Mom remarried a man who became my Dad. He's gone now, too. All the empty spaces we have to deal with... but at least we had them to miss. Love the conversational tone of the first one.

Hannah said...

The contrast between the two parts is distinct...the children with guns imagery always, always breaks my heart.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Its difficult to fill the void that we feel when we lose someone whom we love so dearly.. its so sad.. i m at a loss for words :(

Susan said...

Amen to My Father! You have loving images along with the emptiness. Wow!

Old Egg said...

The gains and losses in life are uneven. Whatever happens to us we must still keeping moving on loving, living and being thankful for what we have had.

Claire said...

That you can never remember your dad saying no is a wonderful legacy. Great lines.

Jae Rose said...

Two poignant pieces...'he never told me no' speaks volumes...being given the freedom to create is the best gift anyone can be given..beautiful Annell.. xo

G L Meisner said...

Two wonderful poems. Thanks for telling them.

Panchali said...

Beautiful pieces....touching n poignant!

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

I always love your writing. These are especially moving, individually and together.