Sunday, December 6, 2015

December 6, 2015 The Sunday Whirl/ Stitches Sewn by Hand -- Sunday's Whirigig -- Poets United

Stitches Sewn by Hand

give the girl a whirl             crow and spider                    get in step

the night begs for a dance    the sky full of sparkling stars           no warning

no alarm                               that day sunny                     like most other days

soon enough snow will fall    the day will be gloomy      the mountains disappear

all will be grey                    shouts in the distance            the words clumsy

we only speak in whispers     walking single file         red poppy in the button hole

time enough                            to remember                                 a single day

not so long ago                    far away                          memories unravel

stitches sewn by hand          the flight delayed             the storm ahead visible

from the dark clouds            lightning flashes               touches the earth

connection missed               when i got there                you had already left the room

where i saw you last             no blanket to keep me warm          to pull over my head

the cold creeps in                  molecules freeze               socks to mend

December 6, 2015


  1. I hope the stitches can mend what's broken,

  2. No blanket warm enough to comfort all that was lost.....a beautiful poem, my friend.

  3. Ah, the socks. It's the mundane that can ground us. I loved the feel of this piece, Annell. Your phrasing is fantastic, and the form on the page keeps it moving along.

  4. A beautiful poem amidst the sorrow and loss...

  5. Althought there was the anticipation of meeting someone there and arriving too late, still desertion resonates in this piece. Its a dubious situation to phatom noth for the persona, i think, as well as the reader

    have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  6. I feel the sadness in this poem, Annell. Sometimes there is no way to keep oneself warm...and the cold just chills a person to the core.

    1. sorry mary for piggy backing here. annell, i hope this to be soothing and purging for you.

  7. So beautiful... I can feel the gentle wistfulness in this poem.

  8. 'cold creeps in' this part gave me goosebumps...

  9. When you lose someone you love you live in a half world where nothing seems right anymore and your future direction is uncertain. That realization that "you had already left the room" is one that lives with you always. Yet you try to live a normal life for show.

  10. This poem is wonderfully even your stream of conscious is purposeful and beautiful...also made me think how keeping our hands busy is one way of keeping going...moving forward - having purpose xo

  11. We stitch our moments together and call it a life, even though some of those moments are mountains and deep deep seas. And we are never ready, always surprised...


  12. And what of the dance the night begged for? must she beg again and again? and will people still leave us cold and stormy when the day itself turns dark with storm? Moving. Very personally moving to me.

  13. When night begs for a dance, what can we do but accept the invitation?

  14. Three nice ones. I like the middle one best. Especially the flight delay because of winter weather. Do molecules really freeze?

  15. I still find this way of writing poetry intriguing and deep. So many ways to read it ... an interesting weave this time ... a melancholic winter memory ... moving. Bastet