Wednesday, December 9, 2015

December 9, 2015 Poets United Midweek Motif/ The Road South (color)

The Road South

the mountains rise up       look like dark shadows            against a pale morning sky

the snow has melted         so far the weather has been mild           even in december

the days pass quickly        one dissolving into another      like sugar in your breakfast tea

disappearing even before you know                      like the scenes out the car window

wild grasses and dried brush                        golden against the sandy hillsides

dropping into the canyon      the blue car ahead applies his brakes          red lights flash

the rio grand fills its' banks flows south       the road follows the river's meandering path

the old road bed is still visible                         where the little train once made its' way

from santa fe to taos                     ravens occupy the highest branches of the bare trees

which look like grey lace in the landscape      willows red crowd the banks of the river

 along the roadside                     empty bottles sparkle               in the early morning sunlight

December 9, 2015


  1. You paint this scene with an artist's brush, and it is so lovely.

  2. Wonderfully done :D I can almost picture it :D

  3. Oh, I really feel like I am seeing this view, Annell! "Golden against the sandy hillsides" -- lovely scene!

  4. I see the view--and the tea. How lovely to imagine such a joining.

  5. This is lovely and one of my favorite contrasts is the yellow and blue.

  6. Thank you for allowing us to travel with you through your landscape of colors,


  7. You have painted such an absorbing canvas. Notwithstanding an interesting vivid mood as well

    Much love...

  8. love this canvas and word pictures..."the days pass quickly one dissolving into another like sugar in your breakfast tea /disappearing even before you know"...passage of time beautifully reflected...

  9. I love the image of days passing like sugar dissolving in tea..we take them for granted in many ways but perhaps knowing they dissolve makes us more aware? Able to see the tapestry of life around us...

  10. So detailed observation....and I amazed how even little detail like 'empty bottles sparkle' become a gem....when looking through artist's eyes...