Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 17, 2016 The Sunday Whirl #257/ The Ship Sets Sail --Sunday's Whirligig #68 -- Poets United Poets Pantry

The Ship Sets Sail

the ship sets sail          on a lonely sea            no longer on the shelf

all repairs made          new sails                  you flick a bug from your lip

the sea air refreshes      thrums of canvas            scattered across the deck

just like jack         when the pie is presented          you stick in your thumb

pull out a plumb and say                    what a good boy am i

the cook is pleased       to see you throw fish overboard        chum the water

you succumb to the motion of the craft       you have known seasickness on other voyages

you are in luck today              the sea is as slick as glass                   life at sea

can be a game                  you and your parakeet                    sit on your buttocks

on deck find your place among the crew                         later you will go below

lock your cabin         sleep the sleep of the dead                dream of sea adventures

sea songs and pirates      the albatross that follows the ship          until the crack of dawn

July 17, 2016

Note:  A desert dweller dreams of the sea.


  1. You took me off to sea, with parakeet and pirates. This was fun to read and imagine, Annell.

  2. I agree, the poem does have a huge impact upon its reader.

  3. this reads like a beautiful dream indeed...calm and peaceful in spite of the pirates :)

  4. The albatross made me think of the ancient mariner. The parakeet and pirates more like treasure island...

  5. I enjoyed this well woven tale, Annell.

  6. and what a wonderful dream this feels like it came into creation with the barest of the owl and the pussy cat.. Ps love you too (in reply to your comment) may your dreams and the sea always keep you safe and hold you tight

  7. Lovely....I especially love a sea voyage on slick waters as I know too well of seasickness!

  8. Seafarers will relate to much of what you have written. I enjoy being one too but occasionally the sea will remind me who is in charge!

  9. Creative and beautifully penned.

  10. A mariners tale - you have written this in a unique style that lets the reader focus on each word.

  11. ah. i will return to the ocean next week. i am looking forward to it. maybe i will find my rhythm a bit. i dream of being on the open seas in the ships of old.

  12. Fine! Perhaps i will see you on my blog sometime.