Sunday, July 24, 2016

July 24, 2016 The Sunday Whirl #258 -- Sunday's Whirligig #69 -- Poets United Poets Pandtry/ If Only For a Day

If Only For a Day

the tide is coming in         with each wave             new patterns form in the sand

long before we reach the beach      we smell the sea             slip under its' spell

our old lives            home in the city              everyday responsibilities disappear

seagulls call          we dissolve into life at the bay             where land meets sea

worries dwindle            what is hard softens                    gentle breezes

palm trees                       sand castles                                         jellyfish glisten

sea shells                            picnics                        waves forcefully come to shore

crash                       gently return to sea                                    take loss with them

in the garden            the great blue heron steps carefully     among the weeds and peony

hummingbirds seek the feeders             hover                      whirring and chirping

fighting to see who is first           troubles dissolve                  give way to happiness

in summer                    the vote is a trip to the bay                  ...if only for a day

July 24, 2016


  1. Dissolving into life in a place where we don't live all the time is a welcome respite from our daily responsibilities. It's a grace, I think, to be able to get away from it all, if only for a day, as you say. You swept me up in your tale. Thank you.

  2. 'we dissolve into life at the bay' ~ nice reminder about being as nature, peaceful and content...

  3. This speaks so clearly of the contentment to be found in just being present to the moment. Glad you found it my friend, then brought it back to share with all of us,


  4. You took me there, and everything falls away, just as you say, when you step into sand and sea and sky. Beautifully done, Annell.

  5. Thanks for taking us along

    Much love...

  6. I would vote this trip any fondest memories are of the seashore!

  7. Absolutely! This gets my vote, too. Just as the sand changes shape, so do we.

  8. Another glutton for punishment, going whirling and whirligigging at the same time. Works out beautifully, though.
    That 'take loss with them' line is compelling.

  9. Lovely....I live on the beach and you made me want to take a walk outside.

  10. This depiction of a day at the beach....and the way that the sea changes us....where 'what is hard softens'--and all the multiple layers of meaning that come with that statement. I love this.

  11. Beautifully written and so easily visualized by the reader. What a great read this was.

  12. "sea shells picnics waves forcefully come to shore

    crash gently return to sea take loss with them", such powerful image...& also love the melting summer...beautiful...

  13. Hello Annell,

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