Sunday, July 3, 2016

July 3, 2016 The Sunday Whirl/ Sunday's Whirligig / Life's Conclusion -- Poets United Poets Pantry

Life's Conclusion

the end is usually thought to be the conclusion     but it is only one conclusion of one part

of one event           perhaps the end is not the end at all               only a pause

in what you accept as the order of things        life everlasting                  past

present and future             ride the waves                     the redundant returning of life

on a lonely shore          draft a new topic                     gather the fragments

thoughts and memories       scattered on the ground        waiting for you to remember

to reconstruct sentences        that reveal who you really are        who you will become

the you of you                      that lingers long                       after the others have retired

this is the voice of the one      you really are                  put on those high heel sneakers

you are a lady of note              you got style                                  ride the dragon

without worry of spelling or grammar                  you know the plants in the garden

which ones to pick                  which ones to eat                           which ones to smoke

you bend down lick the face of the ones you love                        they look back at you

some are flowers and some are weeds                    you run your finger down their stalk

dig deep into the ground             all is right with the world                      home at last

July 3, 2016


You Wait for Me

there was no drizzle   in the summer night   still your fur was wet

your tail wet, too                  diamonds sparkling by moonlight

weeping tears                                   sliding down your cheeks

leaving a trail                                         like that of the slug

come morning in the garden                  wet and shiny

from eye to chin       pooling on your shirt         freshly starched

smell of cedar      ancient medicine for what ails a broken heart

prevents rot              kind and gentle          a shy smile

fed my roots tunneled my way to the surface love came swiftly

i remember the day a young boy shot and killed

the graceful bird standing tall                    alone in the field

so much to learn     your soul was old and wise           over time

you grew into your soul   a perfect fit         you reached your peak

then time to go                   if there should be a heaven

there you will be found      a venerable saint      you wait for me

July 3, 2016

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