Sunday, July 31, 2016

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A Poem Today

turn the page      dip your toe in the chilly waters        unfettered by past obligations

at last          you sit comfortably in your chair            no more worries

watch the morning unfold      turn around       check the footprints you leave behind

traces of your being      stretch out on the grass         examine the clouds

find animals and people       kings and queens               elephants and things

confident you did your best     your enemies may hide in ambush      still you do not worry

there is much to be done      thrust your pen to paper        train your eye on the horizon

you speak the language of ordinary sheep             often misunderstood

still to be on the safe side        you spell the words aloud                twist them

seek new meanings           sort them into families            slowly they begin to bloom

like flowers in springtime      they spill onto your apron     quickly you put them on the grill

heat them up                     cook them through                  it is no safe place after all

the bobble doll wobbles         repeats words and phrases                forward and back

strings them together       like popcorn ropes at christmas      drape them across the page

July 31, 2016


Brian Miller said...

so, first line i read as "a Poem; today" as in the day is a poem waiting to be unravelled and writ. i like that middle part about breaking down the words and arranging them, its like helping them find their way.

Sumana Roy said...

ah love this journey to a new destination, a poem..nice, meditative thoughts...

p.s. said...

I love this line:
"find animals and people kings and queens elephants and things"

And man, this sounds like heaven:
"at last you sit comfortably in your chair" ... I don't think I've ever felt that. I'm more of a floor-sitting, pop-a-squat kind of gal. ;)

"still to be on the safe side you spell the words aloud twist them

seek new meanings"

Always! I can't stop!!!

"they spill onto your apron" ... From this down, wow ... I adore.

Thank you for this magnificence.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I resonate with "you speak the language of ordinary sheep / often misunderstood" .....and like the setting down of the words and trying them new ways. I am behind at this end, will E you soon....

Old Egg said...

I hope you are not worried about speaking the language of ordinary sheep. We often see our writing like that stylized and typical but that isn't the case. Like the birds we all sing our own song and yours is unique.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

Love the idea of training our eyes on the horizon as we seek to spell out words, twisting and finding in them new meanings. Beautifully penned (as always)

Lots of love,

signed...bkm said...

you can sense the calmness within the madness of the piece of life upon another, ending in thoughts of strung popcorn, ending like the year, in Christmas...bkm

R.K. Garon said...