Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 11, 2016 The Sunday Whirl #265/ Sunday's Whirligig #76/ 2016 Anniversary of 9/11--Poets United


2016 Anniversary of 9/11

listen to the light           that falls through the window          the message is clear                

softly crying              lean in a little closer          let me gently touch your broken heart

your words                              covered in bile             reveal your secret                   

hush                              instead let's share                chocolate covered cheese                    

and a proper cup of tea            a bowl of alphabet soup            gather letters               

make words                             seek meaning                    talk the talk                             

we'll gossip endlessly                  talk about the neighbors          the missing woman

everyone knew and loved                    they found her car                   the keys still in it

a mystery unsolved                 a wealth of topics                    waiting to be explored


pass the talking stick back and forth                what is authentic          what is not

gibber gabber                          a long afternoon                      the leaves turn yellow             

we meet in the middle  open the corpse                       dig out the pain

take out the trash                     a love ending                           which can never be

wrapped in blue tissue             put away              a wealth of subjects to be discussed

time passes                       seasons change                   we rub out all the misspelled words

turns out to be a hairball          with jagged sharp edges          doubt confirmed

no way to untangle                  the buildings fall down            wild cheers go up

 fall to the ground              we nudge the machine                   “tilt” sensors light up

celebrate the anniversary     a single tear that never stops     it all happened a long time ago

September 11, 2016                           







flaubert said...

A strong reminder of this tragic event. I hope you are doing well, Annell.

Pamela ox


Interesting post here. Thanks for sharing.