Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December 14, 2016 Poets United Midweek Motif -- Music/

Spirit's Song

the music i like most        is made by the wind        when it whistles through the sage

and across the mesa         winter wind comes to my door          wants me to let him in

songs of birds                   beautiful and mysterious              as they call to each other

from the tops of sage        in lonely canyons                      canyon songs can be heard

in the late afternoon          the sounds of drums                         float to meet me

the river babbles and sings          as it flows south              heading for the border

spirit is in the wind            its' song echoes in my mind            no need of words

my body sways                  i am surrounded by your song         i visualize your return

                                                                                                     ...i hum along

December 14, 2016


  1. I appreciate how your words separate and hang like notes on a musical staff. You orchestrated this well.

  2. So beautiful, the song of the desert, captured in your words. Sigh. I love the windsong, the sound of the drums across the mesa. You took me right there.

  3. A beautiful description of the song of the southwestern song. Love those last two lines, loved it all.

  4. nothing could be sweeter than Nature's voice...the closing lines touch deeply...

  5. That last line really touched my heart Annell - the wind can say so much.. if we have the grace to listen and join its song.. that is where we can hopefully find our loved ones and join them once again.. and where they can join us

  6. Beautiful, Annell. The music of the sings in a way nothing else can....and is a reminder of life and all of its mystery.

  7. This is a wonderful song... reminds me of Carlos Nakai...

  8. You and I are so lucky to live in deserts where that wind speaks so clearly, such as I am hearing right now. This one just makes me feel overwhelmed with gratitude--even the river is flowing well this year after too many years of drought. Now if it will only rain down south in my other desert home.

  9. A beautiful tribute to the music of the winter wind Annell ~

  10. How wonderfully you portray the spirit in the wind and the birds, throughout the canyon and the song in the rushing river. I can sense the silent background of which this all is heard.