Saturday, February 4, 2017

February 4, 2017 The Sunday's Whirligig #97/Unrest in the Cabinet

Poking Fun/Unrest in the Cabinet

poking fun                                a texas past time                                 can be painful

no proper way to behave              hummingbirds dart from feeder to feeder

                                                                                                           rowdy as can be

tiny but quarrelsome             still their iridescent breasts flash in the sunlight

reds, greens, and blue       a flower garden in the sky     they fight over the red liquid

who can win                         who can rule the world                           the orange king

king of the hill                      will have his way                         if only we can survive

the storm on the horizon       clouds heavy                                                the sky dark

intrigue in the cabinet           like hummingbirds in the garden                 quarrelsome

each one for himself alone        they fight over power                      a loathsome thing

brings out the worst in man       nothing to compare                        not past or present

pain in the country                     embarrassment                         alternative facts heard

February 4, 2017

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Old Egg said...

How complacent we all must have been not to see the dangers. Sadly this has happened before elsewhere leading to diasterous consequences.