Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February 7, 2017 deVerse/Sorrow in the Rain that Came

Sorrow in the Rain that Came

you stirred the pot with a sour phrase let me give it to you

straight up you twisted the scene said you were protecting

but I remember you ran from the scene the only thing you were protecting 

was your own sorry ass rum and raisins stirred in carefully

acted as if you were two years old raised your voice gave a last call

raised your sails three sheets to the wind acted as if it was you

who had been shaken and shot when it was you who said the awful things

stirred the pot left to die on the rocks vespers came in times square

you tied one on hammered the heart flew your plane

like a kamikaze pilot there is no elixir name you poison

drown your sorrows in the rain that came there is no proof of what i say

no video only my memory of that day and your's of course

each so different we get to own what is our's wear the hair of the dog

February 7, 2017


  1. WOW! This packs a punch, Annell. I love the internal rhyme. Impressive volume here, both in number of phrases used, and in voice.

  2. You went so far from the tipsy moon you could... love the use of all those word to something so profound.

  3. We are of one mind today, dear lady--even used some of the same imagery; startling & joyous to read poetic anger well-directed. Like me, 33 words were just a launching pad; smile.

  4. Well there's a cocktail of emotions boiling around here. Great take on the prompt

  5. Marvelous use of the pub words! Reading here, I am once more impressed at the ability of poets to turn their skills to current events. Applause from my corner!

  6. Wow! This poem yells in volume and emotion! Wow!

  7. Well, this is totally my personality, so I had to giggle over this toddler-like behavior. :)

    Love the rum and raisins.

  8. People complaining about each other often sound like drunkards talking who need to sleep off their anger. I'm not sure if that was the point, but it is something that came to my mind while reading this.

  9. Angry people yelling do often sound like drunken idiots, even if they are speaking the truth. a very loud and emotional poem.

  10. Volume here is turned way up. Anger is an intoxicating g brew. Good mixology for serving up a round of rage

  11. Great work, Annell. Love the rum and raisins in the middle.

  12. I learned more about drinking through your poem. Nicely done.

  13. SMiles.. oh.. the con-social
    emoTions of an
    of Dark DrunK
    iN thE LiGht
    oF leARned
    DancE and
    SinG to shake iT aLL
    oFF wHeRebody deFeats
    a miNd wHeRe juST Araise oF
    aN arm
    a muscle
    meMory oF liGht
    wiTh fiNgers thaT
    DAncE and SinG
    and sure wiTh
    as miNd
    and BoDy
    heARt of SoUL
    BaLanCinG.. woo or
    not.. whoa.. it works..;)

  14. Such depth in this, I felt the angry words swirling, and the impact on the listener. No proof, just memory, which is enough to the one who suffered the blows. I like the format of this poem, Annell.

  15. very meaningful and most definitely evokes emotion. excellent.