Thursday, February 9, 2017

Feburary 9, 2017 deVerse Open Link Night/ The View Obscured

The View Obscured

clouds hang heavy                   dark and grey                          snow flurries expected

hard to breathe             music plays in the distance      ground blue in the pot

mixed with black                     dip my brush                           and scrape excess away

paint the shape             the sun moves across the sky              yet screened by clouds

the light is low             a definite grey                          sometimes this place

aint so good                            wish to be in another day        a day of sunshine and shadows

without stupid words              in disarray                               instead

delightful chatter                      like the birds on the bough      singing the day away

heavy clouds on mountain tops           under water                 in the desert

all is quiet                                i wait for your display you come

disturb my sleep                      i remember you                       like the cowboy of other days

in the sunset                            you rode your horse away       dust rose from his hooves

on distant horizon                    dust and clouds                       obscure my view

February 7th, 2017                              



brudberg said...

I love how you moved from those clouds to the image of horse and dustcloud.

Sanaa Rizvi said...

"dip my brush and scrape excess away paint the shape, the sun moves across the sky, yet screened by clouds the light is low a definite grey" sigh.. love this so emotive!

Frank Hubeny said...

These phrases stood out for me: "sometimes this place

ain’t so good "

grapeling said...

really an evocative use of spacing and pausing. though linear, it makes me think of a painting, and how one can scan from side to side, top to bottom, and see it both in elements, and as a whole ~

Paul Dear said...

The rhythm here really works well to enable the feel of the piece....frustration/impatience ring out for me in the spaces.

Iris said...

I really like this section:

hard to breathe music plays in the distance ground blue in the pot

mixed with black dip my brush and scrape excess away"