Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 12, 2017 The Sunday Whirl #290 --Sunday's Whirligig #102 --Poets United Poets Pantry/The Beasts and I

The Sunday Whirl #290 brims

Sunday's whirligig #102 blights

The Beasts and I

we sit in the circle       the beasts and i                    eating relish

sweet and tart              peeling bananas for the pudding         the broken levies

allow the tears to flow      like blood red rivulets                     down our cheeks

we listen to the story    as the flood waters rise            flash floods in the arroyos

there are no delusions      we all know how the story ends      we have heard it before

you think it is the curse     the weakness you feel        when you hear the tales of woe

zip, zap, zing         a new path is carved                                              a curtain falls

you wander haplessly       between the words                  examine the blank spaces

cry out                   a boon is granted                                 harlots come to the rescue

smoke curls from the chimney      winter's last blast                before spring's arrival

your heart broken          your life splintered                     bruises as dark as midnight

sorrow has reached its' brim    there will be no revenge      the blight has struck again

March 12, 2017


  1. I think the beasts are always way too close for comfort.

  2. I so enjoy your work Annell - always powerful and inventive and truthful too - without ever being too doleful... Great!

  3. Ah those beasts, lurking around every corner, just waiting for an opportunity to move in. Well written!

  4. "flash floods in the arroyos".....a powerful image, as is tears coursing down one's cheeks "like blood red rivulets".........a strong ending in "sorrow has reached its brim." Your imagery is so vivid, Annell. Wonderful.

  5. "zip, zap, zing a new path is carved  a curtain falls"                                                  

    He was so right, 'Life is a stage.'

    Thanks for dropping in at my Sunday Standard today Annell

    much love...

  6. Gosh this is soo powerful! Especially "flash floods in the arroyos".

  7. Another tour de force in your special style!

  8. does seem we do know how the story ends, as the flood waters continue to rise.

  9. bruises dark as midnight.... great images in your poem and of course your unique style!

  10. Vivid and powerful.Lovely piece!

  11. Examining the blank spaces....ah, yes, it is exactly that hapless wandering in those blank spaces that makes sorrow reach its brim! Such vivid imagery, Annell.

  12. For the longest time, I thought that the beasts preferred the company of poets. But I've come to realize that poets, just see them more clearly. Powerful writing!

  13. "smoke curls from the chimney winter's last blast before spring's arrival"...bearing the last blast is tough in spite of the spring-future...

  14. Powerful write, Annell. Imagery solid yet moving ever deeper. The beasts are ever with us,


  15. Powerful poem Annell. So hard to endure those beasts when they are so strong. Beautiful writing.

  16. love the different ways to read this! three vertical stripes, or all across then down... fascinating in several ways