Thursday, March 2, 2017

March 2, 2017 Poets United/Fear -- dVerse/prose poetry


snow fell during the night      in the morning all was covered        plants shiver in the wind

snow continues on the mountains       under the cover of clouds    temperatures rise

the day grows longer                           light returns                          the snow melts

yet, today                                             gray is the morning               all is quiet... frozen

in the early morning              the world waits for the sun to rise       to return the shadows

i see it in your eyes                  there is every reason                          your every step unsure

there is no place safe       the sand is drawn from under your feet           as the wave retreats

still, you stand                 perhaps it will be the next wave        that will knock you down

struggling for breath                salt water chokes                                 burns the eyes

you scream with glee               and wait for the next wave                  your every step unsure

you ride the train              writing in your notebook               making note of every thought

the train enters a tunnel            all is darkness                               the world no longer bright

alone in a crowd       yet you remember sunny days                      the sea shore

the sea gulls cry        the feel of waves as they kiss the shore        and your toes as well

the children gathered round   gray is the morning        as you seek secure footing                                         

March 1, 2017                                    





  1. I love the layout of your poem, Annell - the words fall on the screen like snow.

  2. The contrast between the snow and the memory of sea is wonderful... love it.

  3. fear of shaky ground is the path of so many today. Yet dare to hope

    much love...

  4. I like the idea that the day waits for the sun to return the shadows in the first part. Waves do undermine one's footing pulling the sand back. For someone like me, who doesn't swim, it feels like I'm surfing the moving sand on the shore.

  5. "the sand drawn from under my feet by the receding waves" ... ah, I've been there! Your very unique style fascinates me, Annell.

  6. I guess we all have grey mornings when all seems unsure unsafe as we remember what was, when things were different.
    The sun eventually shines through...
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  7. Normal shadows would be a relief, a break in all the bad news. The sun could help with transparency, could provide some safe places. Your poem breaks my heart. Let's hold onto those memories and bring them back in a better future.

  8. My favourite part is inside the tunnel, remembering sunny days.......

  9. This had an almost hypnotic effect on me, as you built it, bit by bit. :)

  10. i like the contrast between light and shadow, sand drawn from under feet and waves kissing the shores and toes...fear lives in between the space i guess....

  11. Love the contrast between the snow and the memory of sea!