Sunday, March 26, 2017

March 26, 2017 The Sunday Wordle #291 -- Sunday's Wirligig #104 -- Poets United Poets Pantry / Velvety Red

Velvety Red

velvety red on the shore           the surf reflects every color                  of flaming sunset

it is an audible outcry               a blinding scream                                 slip from my sandals

call your name                         scratch it on the sand                     washed away by the next wave

it has been months/years          it all happened long ago                       and yet

your tender touch                    remains in memory           like first sunshine & morning dew                               

i open the cask                         tears spill upon the ground                   become arroyos

in the dry foothills                    thoughts of you disappear                    like smoke

stir the stew                              there is no consolation                          for loss

a boulder                                 shaped like an elephant                          sits on my chest

i remain exhausted                   the story classic                        yet, the heart still beats

March 26, 2017


  1. 'your tender touch remains in memory like first sunshine & morning dew' i could feel it and also the elephant like boulder...

  2. Ah yes "the heat beats" for life goes on and loving must continue

    Have a good Sunday

    much love...

  3. So true - there is no consolation for loss..but the heart beat goes on nonetheless.

  4. You capture the fatigue of loss and grieving so well - that weight on the chest, no consolation. Beautiful imagery and emotion in this poem, my friend.

  5. No, there is absolutely no consolation for loss...but those beautiful gems that remain in memory, oh how brightly they can shine, "like first sunshine & morning dew" even so long after! Lovely, Annell.

  6. An emotive cascade of finely drawn images that convey the stirring of ‘lost’. Wonderful writing!

  7. How well you conveyed that feeling of perpetual grief when a loved one dies. Each of us copes with that loss in our own way but sdaly the memories of past times always bring tears with them. (But how you tested me with that small font!)

  8. A happening long ago is but a moment for the grieving soul.