Wednesday, March 8, 2017

March 8, 2017 Poets United Midweek Motif/The Day of the Woman

The Day of the Woman

i got nothing... i am a woman always have been

for me everyday is my day I claim it no one tells me it is mine

is it possible others are just catching up by naming a day of the year

the day of the woman does that make other days someone else's day

or is everyday our day we will be just the same our stitches just as small

we stand just as tall as on any other day monday through sunday

women join the parade make themselves visible yet how does it help women

to have a day of their own from this day forward will they be treated equally

will they be paid equally for their work treated with respect

today is the day of the woman she is more than half of the population

still so much work to do yes they are different but they are equal on anyday

March 8, 2017


gillena cox said...

The "catching up" part, yup. That's exactly what's happening

Thanks for a lovely statement of being Annell

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Still so much work to do, indeed. Good questions in this poem, Annell.

Susan said...

"everyday is my day I claim it no one tells me it is mine"
Bravo! Women have often had to do it for ourselves. Fine poem reminding us not to leave the other days solely for others.

Sumana Roy said...

well put...

Old Egg said...

When you feel strong and confident there may not be the need for day to celebrate your identity but for others it is a comfort a gleam of hope that inequality will one day be eliminated and that they are are just as important, valuable and relevant as any other human being.

Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

You pose some excellent questions. There is indeed much still to be done, and it would be a shame if the marching and flag-waving made us feel that the real gains had all been made already. And yet, I think it is also good to remind ourselves and others that we are many, and determined.

Susan Anderson said...

I have thought many of the same things today. Very good points here.

hyperCRYPTICal said...

Very wise questions. I don't have much hope that IWD will make a difference either. Sad, but true.
Kind regards
Anna :o]

Mary said...


signed...bkm said...

What is a day I agree - it should be much, much more then a has to be a life, a whole life, everyday...not just a day, no not just one day...bkm