Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday January 7, 2010 Poets United
The Thursday Think Tank #30 Observation

To Observe,
To see,
To record on the brain
All that is before you.
And to really "see,"
Sit down,
Take a deep breath,
As you exhale,
Take out your pen,
And draw.

Imagine you are putting the point of your pen,
On the object before you.
Follow the line you see.
Speak to yourself,

You will say,
The line moves this way,
Or the line moves that way.
You are speaking abstractly,
You do not say draw the "daisy."
But you want to draw a very specific line,
The line before you.

Direct the movement of the pen.
Keep your eyes on the object before you,
Do not look at the paper or your pen,
Until you reach the end of a line.
Do not make judgements
About the drawing.
As you are teaching yourself to "see,"
And to draw.

If you will take the time to draw,
The time to "see."
You will never forget,
What you "see."
This kind of drawing is called
Blind Contour Drawing.
And this is observation
That counts.


Elizabeth said...

Have done this kind of drawing and it is difficult, but rewarding and it reminds me of writing, looking at the image, which is hazy at best, then trusting that the words alone, will say what you are seeing. Observation, in deed.


Marilyn said...

Oh I have done this kind of drawing so many times but drawing remains my biggest stumbling block! It is one thing that makes me very sad - I can't be really 'seeing'.

Anonymous said...

Your poem reminds me of the poems of Jacques Prevert - one of my favourite poets. Rare in French poetry, Prevert translates beautifully into English, and I'd love to translate this into French!