Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday January 21, 2011 River of Stones/We Write Poems

We Write Poems Prompt #38 Morning Wake-up Call

Suddenly I am aware,
I have returned exactly
To fit into my body,
I quietly rise,
Put on my clothes
Return to collect
Beau, the sleeping,
soft kitten from my pillow.

Close the bedroom door.
It is till dark,
All is quiet.

Turn on the kitchen light
Make coffee,
Heat the water,
For the rich back coffee
Prepare breakfast.
Sometimes I read
Or catch the news.

I step outside
It is still dark
All is quiet
I take a deep breath
Of fresh mountain air.

I go to the studio,
Beau is waiting at the studio door.
It is his morning routine
He loves to go to the studio.
He helps out with the computer
And falls asleep in his chair.

I turn on the computer
The screen glows in the dark.
I pick up my pen
My journal is open
Often I write until mid-morning

Then I turn to my projects
Upon the work table,
Their arrangement,
Reflects the end of yesterday,
Or to a painting waiting on the easel

There is such beauty in the early morning,
I like to the see the sun rise above Taos Mountain,
Before this happens,
It is still dark
And all is quiet.


A Small Stone #21

Shhhh... listen...
Stillness and quietude...
The magic of
Early morning light
The sun begins its'
Assent over Taos Mountain

A new beginning
The mystery continues
Ancient sky watchers,
Scanned the sky.
Prayed in the kiva
Taos Valley, so long ago. now.


Myrna R. said...

I love how you write about Taos. I love Taos, though I haven't been able to visit in over five years. Enjoy.

neva gagliano said...

always appreciate connecting to taos through you...thanks.
just started daily 'small stones', via a river of stones.
a very good practice.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Oh it sounds so beautiful and peaceful. I love the thought of "ancient sky watchers" scanning the sky........same sky, same valley, such different times. Your morning routine sounds so serene, as is mine, as I drift from teapot to desk.............