Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17, 2010 A River of Stones/Poetry Potluck

A River of Stones #17

A simple thing
The pen that makes the mark,
Of which I sing,
So ordinary,
I don't see it,
But if lost,
I am lost.

Lark Rise to Candleford is a British television costume drama series, adapted by the BBC from Flora Thompson's trilogy of semi-autobiographical novels about the English countryside, published between 1939 and 1943. The first episode aired on 13 January 2008 on BBC One and BBC HD in the UK. In the US, the series began airing on select PBS stations in the spring of 2009. A third series began airing in the UK on 10 January 2010.[1] The fourth series begins on 9th January 2011 on BBC One and simulcast on BBC One HD. [2] This series was filmed during August 2010.[3]

I completely enjoyed this series. If you like the productions by the BBC, I recommend it!

Poetry Potluck Prompt: Languages, Sign and Symbols

Languages, Signs and Symbols
To speak,
To write,
To make signs,
And to draw symbols,
Are all forms of communication.

To send signals into space,
As humans, it is our desire,
To communicate.
It is early morning,
I sit before my computer,
I attempt to communicate.

I want to tell you how I am,
I want to know about you.
I want you to know about my life,
I paint in hopes of communicating,
It is all about communicating.

If you read this,
I want you to know,
I am still breathing.
And I think of you.


Elizabeth said...

Thank you Annell. I like your stone, it is so true. Especially like the final lines of your poem. I am still breathing. And I think of you. So very comforting,


Stafford Ray said...

Your 'River of stones 17' must be the generation ago equivalent of a teenager who has run out of credit on his/her cell phone!
Seriously, as you so eloquently express, the loss of any tool of communication leaves a gap. I would need a lot of consolation if my internet connection was lost and there were no longer my blog friends to 'talk' to!

Jingle said...

smart reflections..
love it.


SandyCarlson said...

Your River of Stones poem has me thinking about what it is to write, to leave a mark. Beautiful offerings, all.

Anonymous said...

lovely.. thank you for sharing.. here's my potluck..

Brian Miller said...

smiles. love the last stanza of that last one...and if i could not write i would be as good as dead...