Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday January 31, 2011 A River of Stones

A Small Stone #30

I take a deep breath
And relax
My spirit is at peace

I think of sandy beaches
Sand between my toes
Now desert sand
And stickers in my toes


Message in a Bottle 1-3-11

Communication comes in many forms
Perhaps a smile across the room
A folded note slipped into the palm
The phone rings
The bell on the computer announces
You've got mail

It used to be
Word or symbols scratched
On a canyon wall
Smoke signals
A note tied on the ankle of a pigeon
A telegram sent over wires
A letter slipped into an envelope

But nothing really compares
To a note in a bottle,
The sender doesn't know the destination
Or if it will arrive at all
It is an act of optimism

To see if it will be found
Where it will go
And if you will call


  1. being where you are
    savoring distant connections

  2. Both pieces speak to being connected, to the earth, the sea, and other individuals through time. Really like your layers of meaning and knowing,


  3. Two beautiful thoughts to start my day, Annell, thank you! I love the "desert sand and stickers in my toes". And the old methods of communication-nice to think back on days when the pace of everything, including communication, was slower. I so used to love writing and receiving letters.

  4. Love the small stones poem. Simple but so effective - like all good poetry.

  5. I take a deep breath
    And relax
    My spirit is at peace..

    I am relaxing with you. lovely entry, thanks for sharing.


  6. Annell, the message in the bottle has always intrigued me. Well said.

  7. nice. i was intrigued by the email ont eh message in the bottle...i find them fascinating as well...nice write.

  8. I enjoyed this, images that make you think.

  9. Four years ago, on a sand island off Queensland I found a letter in a bottle, and sent it back to its launcher, a 9 year old from Melbourne.
    The ink had faded so much that most of it was unreadable but it got there and her dad rang to thank me. Message; Use indelible ink!

  10. Re your question; No I have never sent one! What an oversight, but I guess it is never too late and I do live on a boat. I will let you know when to watch out for it! :-)