Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday January 15, 2011 River of Stones/Writer's Island

Small Stone #14

Five inches by one inch
Heavy white paper
I assign myself the task
Of putting labels on the flat files,
In hopes of finding what was in the drawers
Without having to open each drawer
Drawings, paintings and
The name of the series.
I am Scorpio, I am organized

Image from the internet.
Writer's Island Prompt #3 Courage

"There would be no one to frighten you if you refused to be afraid." Mahandas K. Gandhi

It is hard to talk about courage,
Without considering fear,
Fear is usually energy outside oneself,
I work each day,
Convincing myself,
I am the one
I can depend on.

But there are always
Circumstances outside myself,
That I do not know.
I think what I fear
Most is the unknown.

Sometimes it is the dark,
Or what maybe waiting
For me in the dark.
Again, it is the unknown,
Situations in which
I am not sure,
How I will respond.

I have found that
That I can be courageous
In my everyday life,
I show up,
I speak the truth,
And I don't worry
About the outcome.
I show myself I am
The one I can count on.