Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday January 22, 2010 River of Stones/Writers Island

Saturday morning
Silently pink colors the sky
Distant bark greets the day

By smiley face 116

Writers Island Prompt# 4: Clarity

To get clear
To reach understanding,
Who am I?
What am I passionate about?
What am I trying to say?
To who am I speaking?
I am often filled with questions.
As I slowly turn the dial
Waiting for the
Edges to come into focus.
To become clear.

Sometimes I have an idea,
I take it from the shelf,
Examine it
And realize it is not ready
Or... I am not ready,
I have no clarity,
I must wait.
It is returned to the shelf
And I select another

The time will come
There are no deadlines
It's about clarity
And sharp focus

The idea is but an embryo
Newly formed
It floats
It has its' own time
And I must wait
For it to
Become fully formed.
Fully clear.


  1. It's usually worth waiting for. Nicely done.

  2. So much more intelligent to wait for clarity. Why did I just plunge in willy nilly? I like your way of thining.

  3. I wonder if we ever see anything clearly, clouded as we are by emotions.

  4. I love the idea of "...Sometimes I have an idea,/
    I take it from the shelf,/Examine it/And realize it is not ready/Or... I am not ready,"

    It is a moment of clarity in and of itself.

  5. I so appreciate taking the idea from the shelf and examining it, then placing it back to wait for its time of clarity... beautifully written.

  6. I love your pink sky-stone! Beautiful. I know the Waiting. Very relatable poem:)

  7. And then there are those moments when you take the idea from the shelf and dare to share it with a friend and the friend brings clarity. Does the friend bring clarity or the right moment for all? Thank you for being my friend,


  8. Beautifully said Annell,
    moments of clarity are
    different for us all.

  9. Your thoughts on clarity hit home tonight. And your morning poem....Yes. I hear that dog every day!

  10. Well All I can tell you is, the way you write is something that I can feel close to,'coz same trepidations,same doubts,same patience and hope are what I too feel when I write my verses...:)

    A beautiful proclamation of a thoughtful mind... Great work! :)

    Hope to see your works more often now! ^^